Enchiladas Suizas

Three rolled tortillas with your choice of beef, chicken or pork covered
with melted cheddar cheese and ranchera sauce


Served with rice, beans and salad. Accompained with tortillas

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A delicious burger with cheese.  $8.99   With lettuce, tomato and onion on top. Served with French fries. Our Menu Order Online More Delicious Dishes

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Carne Asada

Charbroiled 9 oz. skirt steak seasoned with our secret rub andtopped with a grilled jalapeño and onion. $21.99  Served with rice, beans and salad. Accompained

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Arroz Rice – 1 Lb. 4.50 Frijoles Beans – 1 Lb. 4.50 Chips & Salsa 4.50 Crema Sour Cream – 2 oz 75¢ Chiles Toreados

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